Truth Wins

If I could’ve given myself two pieces of advice when I started out writing, they would be this:

1) No matter what you’re writing (doing, saying, wanting), be honest
2) Truth will always, always, always, beat out fabrication in the long run

And that’s all I’ve learned from writing fiction, even if it is ironic. If you are sincere, you will win. I don’t mean “sincere” as in oversharing, or complaining, or convincing yourself to follow a caricature of what a “good person” ought to be, or trying to sound like a cavern-born poet. I mean, say what you think, think what you feel, and know why you feel the way that you do. Then you are pristine as rain. You can’t make a mistake, because gaps are no longer possible.

In short, if you’re stuck in your draft, take a second to step back and reexamine the core truths that propelled you into writing the damn thing anyway. You’ll hit where it counts, promise.


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