Triple Triple Triple

As I begin to see the end of my work on book number one, the back of my mind naturally jumps far ahead into the future and starts plotting books number two and three. Meanwhile, the front of my mind is wondering whether or not the back of my mind is onto something. This morning, the back of my mind won. I’m doing a trilogy. I have more to say, my characters have more to do. Or maybe I just have attachment issues. Causes aside, I know what I’ll be writing these next three-five years. And I’m damn happy about it.

There’s something beautiful about the number three. Two makes for a direct contrast, which I’ve never been a fan of, or in the best case scenario leaves the whole project feeling either unfinished or overdone. And one stands alone. The departure is almost too quick. (Note: alone = alONE) As Coelho says in the Alchemist, “If something happens once, it can never happen again. If something happens twice, it is bound to happen a third time.” Looking forward to the continuation of this mental adventure. Because so far, I’ve loved it very much.


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